Liberate Your BrillianceĀ©

Your journey to embracing your authentic power.


In order to do something you've never done, you need to become someone you've never been.

Authentic leadership is a skill and requires exploration, courage, and practice.

Gain Confidence, Clarity, and Purpose

Discover your authentic power by exploring your values, purpose and authentic leadership energies. Build critical, yet, practical authentic leadership practices you can apply daily to help you:

- Have clarity to what's important.

- Make better decisions, easier and faster.

- Stay grounded and confident regardless of whatever encounter life presents.

- Identify and mitigate blind spots that are getting in the way of your success, through the ALE model. 

- Gain clarity on your purposes and what energizes your actions through the purpose framework. 

Inspire & Influence

Once you've done the work to build your unique authentic leadership foundation and demonstrated your authentic power, you can then explore the possibility of inspiring and influencing those around you. Socializing your authentic power and inspiring or influencing others can feel unnatural. The trick is to not come across as overbearing or preachy? The Liberate Your Brilliance™ Online Course will help you:

- Apply Social Awareness (EQ)

- Lead with Courage

- Develop Compassion

- Coach to higher performance

- Be an inclusive leader

Differentiate Your Leadership

I'm not referring to a differentiator in the context of competing with others. I'm referring to your unique values, purposes and experiences that serve  others in a way that no one else can. Your most differentiated leadership offerings are your perspectives, courage, vulnerabilities, stories, and actions.

Once you recognize, embrace and value your authentic power, will you truly Liberate Your Brilliance™.

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